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To provide all the existing reliable economic and financial information about Portugal, in a factual, independent and user-friendly manner.


To promote a sound knowledge of the Portuguese economy, domestically and abroad, by offering trustworthy information from Portuguese and international sources. This accurate knowledge will contribute to an informed decision making by all the players that analyse and operate in the Portuguese economy.

What we offer

Using more than 260 world-renowned public and private sources, our website provides information, free of charge, about the Portuguese economy, its financial system, and companies/sectors, in three languages: Portuguese, English and Chinese. In addition, our exclusive documents/files “ Prepared by PE Probe” provide up-to-date summaries on key topics of the Portuguese economy. Updated daily, www.peprobe.com is an essential tool for those who need to follow the Portuguese economy in depth.

How to access

Portugal Economy Probe website is available on all platforms (computer, tablet or smartphone) and may be followed on the major social networks.

Who we are

As of September 1, 2017, AICEP Portugal Global, the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade, took over the responsibility and management of Portugal Economy Probe. This completes a 6 year cycle that saw the creation and development of this project as an initiative of the civil society (see just below), starting a new era under the aegis of a public institution dedicated to the international dissemination of information about Portugal.

How we started

Portugal Economy Probe was created as a civil society initiative in July 2011, with no commercial or profit-making objectives. The main aim was to improve the perception that international financial markets had about Portugal, at the time of the financial bailout request, through an easier and reliable search of technical information about the Portuguese economy and its financial system. It was in this sense that the website www.peprobe.com was developed and launched in March 2012.
Meanwhile, this website has become a fundamental tool in providing factual knowledge to those who research, operate and invest in the Portuguese economy. As founders and patrons of this initiative up to the changeover to AICEP, are: APB – Portuguese Banking Association, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, EDP, Fundação Oriente, Galp Energia, Impresa, and REN. Since its start, the project has also received, for shorter periods, the support of Banco Espírito Santo, Brisa, Cimpor, Estoril Sol, Luso-American Foundation, and ZON/NOS.
Portugal Economy Probe is proud to have received the High Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Portugal.

Focused on our users

Containing thousands of documents, news, statistics and events our website provides its users with all the relevant information on the Portuguese economy in an easy, quick and intuitive manner. We welcome suggestions and comments for better accomplishing our mission and to excel in satisfying our users’ needs.

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