Business and Consumer Surveys, February 2017, INE


Consumer confidence and economic climate indicators increase

The Consumer confidence indicator increased between September and February, reaching the maximum level since March 2000.

The economic climate indicator increased in January and February, after decreasing in the two previous months. In February, the confidence indicators increased in Construction and Public Works, Trade and Services and stabilized in Manufacturing Industry.

The evolution of the Consumer1 confidence indicator in the reference month reflected the positive contribution of the perspectives on the evolution of the household’s financial situation, the country’s economic situation and savings and, more significantly, the perspectives on the unemployment.

In Manufacturing Industry, the confidence indicator stabilized in February, reflecting the positive contribution of the opinions on global demand, while the production perspectives and the opinions on the stocks of finished products’ evolution contributed negatively. Without considering three months moving averages, the Manufacturing Industry’s confidence indicator decreased in the last month, reflecting the evolution of all components. The confidence indicator for Construction and Public Works increased in the last two months, significantly in February, reaching the maximum level since September 2008, due to the positive evolution of the two components, employment perspectives and opinions on the order books’. The confidence indicator for Trade increased in January and February, reflecting a positive contribution on the sales evolution and perspectives on the business activity. The Services’ confidence indicator also increased in the last three months, led by the positive evolution in the last two months of the perspectives on the order books’ evolution and of the opinions on the business situation