Agricultural Forecasts, October 2017, INE

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Agriculture  Forecasts

Early estimates on October 31 point to increases in production in fruit trees, almonds, vines and olive groves. In the
pome fruit orchards, hot and dry weather did not compromise the campaign: apple production is expected to reach 300
thousand tons, while pear production will be around 165 thousand tons (+25% and +20%, compared to 2016,
respectively). In kiwi, the flowering and setting of fruits went favourable, and the entry into full production of new
orchards was decisive for the record production of 31 thousand tons. Almond production is also expected to reach
levels that were no longer attained for many years (+282%, compared to the average of the last five years). In vines,
the harvest was uneventful, with an increase in wine production (+10%, vis-à-vis 2016) which, judging by the vinified
grapes, should be of superior quality. As for olive groves, and in spite of the drought, production should be close to
normal, with intensive olive groves compensating for the lower productivity of the traditional ones. In contrast, the
chestnut trees were clearly affected by the lack of precipitation, with a reduction of 15% compared to the previous
season, with smaller chestnuts.

Original title:  Irrigated crops with good yield levels

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