Bank Lending Survey for Euro Area Banks, April 2015

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Report:  14 April 2015 - 55 Page(s)
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The results reported in the April 2015 bank lending survey (BLS) relate to changes
during the first quarter of 2015 and expectations of changes in the second quarter of
2015. The survey was conducted between 6 and 23 March 2015. In the first quarter
of 2015, the size of the sample of banks surveyed was increased to 142, reflecting
mainly the enlargement of the euro area to include Lithuania on 1 January 2015. The
response rate was 100%. In addition to the results for the euro area as a whole, the
report contains the results for the five largest euro area countries.1
From the first quarter of 2015 onwards, the BLS is based on an enhanced
questionnaire (with new and amended questions) and a compilation guide.
2 An
overview of the questionnaire changes is presented in Annex 3 of this report. Two
new questions have been added for each loan category. One new question asks for
the change in the share of rejected loan applications, while the other one focuses on
the factors affecting credit terms and conditions. In addition, the glossary at the end
of this report reflects the enhanced definitions of the BLS terms.
A number of ad hoc questions were included in the April 2015 survey round. The first
ad hoc question addressed the impact of the situation in financial markets on banks’
access to retail and wholesale funding. The second question referred to the current
level of credit standards relative to past levels. The third, fourth and fifth questions
were aimed at gauging the impact of the ECB’s expanded asset purchase
programme (APP) that was announced on 22 January 2015.

Original title:  The euro area bank lending survey