Behavioural Supervision Report, 2014, BdP

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Press Release of Banco de Portugal on the 2014 Banking Conduct Supervision Report
Banco de Portugal publishes today its Banking Conduct Supervision Report. The report describes the regulatory and supervisory activities of retail banking markets carried out in 2014.

This year, the Banking Conduct Supervision Report focuses once more on the assessment of arrears regimes, given that two years have elapsed since the entry into force of the general regime.

Supervisory activities in 2014

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Stronger monitoring of indexed and dual deposits; less non-compliance in advertising campaigns

The number of indexed and dual deposits in 2014 grew by around 38% from the previous year. Growth in this market required stronger monitoring by Banco de Portugal in the analysis of information leaflets and the return on these deposits.

Banco de Portugal analysed 6,556 advertising campaigns on banking products and services. In the wake of its monitoring, the Bank required 130 advertising campaigns from 30 credit institutions to be changed. The ratio of the number of changed campaigns to the number of monitored campaigns declined, showing less non-compliance by credit institutions of the legal framework in force.

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Original title:  Relatório de Supervisão Comportamental 2014