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Economic Activity  Services

In 2015, the value of Services provided grew by 4.4%, having totalled EUR 13 798 million. The 110 891 enterprises that provided these services, employed 367 486 people (+4.1% vis-à-vis the previous year, after +5.6% in 2015) and generated a Gross Value Added (GVA) of EUR 7 870 million (+5.5%; +1.8% in 2015). The gross operating surplus (GOS), increased 8.4%, over the previous year (-3.9% in 2015), reaching the amount of EUR 2 255 million.
The ‘Advertising’ (whose main activity concerns the Sale of advertising space or time on behalf of third parties) highlighted as the sector that most increased the value of the provision of services in 2016 (+8.7% in 2015), reaching EUR 1 410 million. The sector of the ‘Employment activities’, in particular the services of temporary employment undertakings, representing about 75% of it, was the largest contribution to growth in the number of persons employed in 2016 (+7.0%), confirming the trend of the previous biennium (10.7% in 2015 and 9.7% in 2014).
The “Computer consultancy” has proved, once again, to be the most important product offered under the Business Services, registering a growth of 9.6% (clearly higher than the growth of all the services: +4.4%), representing 10.3% of total services provided. Computer programming services and Full-service advertising, with growths of 14.9% and 14.2%, respectively, also highlighted by positive side, in 2016.

Original title:  Value of services provided grew by 4.4%, in nominal terms, and persons employed increased by 4.1% - 2016