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Statistics Portugal carried out an unprecedented survey over a sample of companies, achieving near 4 thousand valid answers, which allowed the obtaining of information on management practices in 2016. Some of the main findings were:
• In 61.0% of the companies, top managers had a bachelor’s degree or higher. This percentage reached 82.9% in large enterprises and 43.7% in micro enterprises.
• In about 70% of companies, the top manager exercised his functions in exclusivity (60.6% in micro enterprises and 78.4% in large enterprises).
• Almost all companies reported having performance targets, which they considered to be moderately ambitious, with about 43% reporting that they had and monitored performance indicators on a monthly or quarterly basis.
• Less than half (44.9%) of the companies reported awarding performance bonuses to their employers for achieving the company’s defined goals.
• In about 51% of companies there were no promotions of staff with management functions. This percentage decreased to 44.3% in the case of staff employed without management functions.
Combining the information from this survey with information reported to the INE in other statistical operations, the results indicate a significant relationship between the quality of management and the economic performance of companies.

Original title:  Management practices are very relevant for the economic performance of corporations