Coincident Indicators, October 2017 (in Portuguese), BdP

Page created: Monday, 20 November 2017 17:34GMT

Press Release:  20 November 2017 - 2 Page(s)

The coincident indicators for economic activity and private
consumption decreased in October

In October, the monthly coincident indicator for
economic activity decreased slightly, as in the previous
month, after the upward trend observed
since the fourth quarter of 2016. The monthly coincident
indicator for private consumption also
recorded a slight decrease.

In Charts 1 and 2, the pattern of the monthly coincident
indicators calculated by Banco de Portugal
is presented, as well as the year-on-year growth
rate of the corresponding Quarterly National Accounts
aggregate released by INE. In the charts,
given the quarterly frequency of GDP and Private
Consumption, the quarterly rate of change is displayed
for all months of a given quarter.