Construction: Building Permits and Completed Buildings, Q2 2017, INE

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In the 2nd quarter 2017, building permits increased by 7.4% in comparison with the same period of the previous year (+29.4% in the 1st quarter 2017), corresponding to 4.6 thousand buildings. Building permits for new constructions grew by 12.4% (+36.7% in the 1st quarter 2017) while the number of rehabilitation permits decreased by 0.7% (+18.2% in the 1st quarter 2017). Completed buildings recorded a 12.2% increase (+13.1% in the 1st quarter 2017) totaling 2.9 thousand buildings.
When compared with the previous quarter, the number of building permits decreased by 6.4% (+13.1% in the 1st quarter 2017) and completed buildings recorded a rate of change of +0.2% (+3.2% in the 1st quarter 2017).

Original title:  Building permits increased by 7.4% and completed buildings grew by 12.2%

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