Consumer Price Index, September 2016, INE

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The CPI annual rate moved from 0.7% in August to 0.6% in September 2016. The annual core inflation rate, which excludes energy and unprocessed food products components, was 0.5% (0.6% in the previous month).
The CPI monthly rate was 0.7% (-0.2% in August and 0.8% in September 2015), while the CPI 12-month average was 0.6%.
In September 2016, the Portuguese Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) annual rate of change was 0.7% (0.8% in the previous month), 0.3 p.p. above the rate estimated by Eurostat for the Euro area (in August this difference was 0.6 p.p.).

Original title:  CPI annual rate of change was 0.6% in September

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