Consumption per capita amongst Member States, 1st estimates 2015, Eurostat

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Consumption per capita

Ten Member States recorded AIC per capita above the EU average in 2015. The highest level in the EU was recorded in Luxembourg, 37% above the EU average. Germany was nearly 25% above, followed by Austria, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Sweden which all recorded levels between 10% and 20% above the EU average.

AIC per capita for twelve Member States lay between the EU average and 30% below. In Italy, Ireland and Cyprus the levels were 10% or less below the EU average, while Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Greece and Malta were between 10% and 20% below. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia were between 20% and 30% below the average.

Original title:  Consumption per capita varied by almost one to three across EU Member States

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