Economic accounts for agriculture, 2016, Eurostat

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The economic accounts for agriculture show that total agricultural output in the European Union (EU) stood at
€405.0 billion at basic prices in 2016, down by 2.8% compared with 2015. In 2016, the equivalent of 59% of the
value of agricultural output generated was spent on intermediate consumption (input goods and services), while
gross value added (i.e. the value of output minus the value of intermediate consumption) was the equivalent of
41% (or €165.7 bn).
With €70.3 bn (or 17% of the EU total) in 2016, France had the highest total agricultural output across Member
States. It was followed by Italy (€53.4 bn, or 13%), Germany (€52.9bn, or 13%), Spain (€46.8 bn, or 12%), the
United Kingdom (€27.9 bn, or 7%), the Netherlands (€27.0 bn, or 7%), Poland (€22.4 bn, or 6%) and Romania
(€15.4 bn, or 4%).

Original title:  Total agricultural output in the EU down by 2.8% in 2016 compared with 2015

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