Employment and Unemployment Estimates, September 2016, INE

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Press Release:  02 November 2016 - 8 Page(s)
Employment   Unemployment

The definitive unemployment rate estimate for August 2016 was 10.9%, remaining unchanged from the previous month’s level and having decreased by 0.3 percentage points (p.p.) from three months before. That estimate was revised downwards by 0.1 p.p. from the provisional estimate released one month ago (11.0%).
The definitive unemployed population estimate for August was 560.0 thousand people, remaining practically unchanged from the previous month’s level.
The August 2016 definitive employed population estimate was 4,574.6 thousand people, 1.7 thousand more people than in the previous month (which corresponds to a nearly null relative change).
The provisional unemployment rate estimate for September 2016 was 10.8%. For this month, the provisional estimate for the unemployed population was 555.6 thousand people and for the employed population was 4,567.5 thousand people.

Original title:  The August 2016 definitive unemployment rate estimate was 10.9%

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