European Union Annual Inflation, June 2016, Eurostat

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Euro area annual inflation was 0.1% in June 2016, up from -0.1% in May. In June 2015 the rate was 0.2%. European Union annual inflation was 0.0% in June 2016, up from -0.1% in May. A year earlier the rate was 0.1%. These figures come from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In June 2016, negative annual rates were observed in thirteen Member States. The lowest annual rates were registered in Cyprus (-2.0%), Bulgaria (-1.9%) and Croatia (-1.2%). The highest annual rates were recorded in Belgium (1.8%), Sweden (1.2%) and Malta (1.0%). Compared with May 2016, annual inflation fell in two Member States, remained stable in eight and rose in seventeen. The largest upward impacts to euro area annual inflation came from restaurants & cafés (+0.11 percentage points), rents and tobacco (both +0.06 pp), while fuels for transport (-0.41 pp), heating oil (-0.16 pp) and gas (-0.13 pp) had the biggest downward impacts.

Original title:  Annual inflation up to 0.1% in the euro area

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