Excessive Deficit Procedure, 2nd notification for 2017, INE

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Press Release:  22 September 2017 - 5 Page(s)
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Revisions relative to April 2017 notification
Comparing with the first EDP notification of 2017, the figures for 2015 and 2016 were revised due to the incorporation
of recently available data. The results for 2015 are now final, whereas those for 2016 have still a provisional nature.
The revisions of the figures for 2015 are a result of the incorporation of final and exhaustive information, now available
for each unit classified in the General Government sector. As for 2016, the revisions mainly reflect the incorporation of
data from Simplified Business Information (Informação Empresarial Simplificada – IES) and of data on an accrual basis,
rather than cash basis for a vast group of entities.