Fiscal Monitor, October 2016, IMF

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Report:  07 October 2016 - 100 Page(s)
Fiscal Monitor   IMF

The projections included in this issue of the Fiscal Monitor are based on the same database used for the October 2016 World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report (and are referred to as “IMF staff projections”). Fiscal projections refer to the general government unless otherwise indicated. Short-term projections are based on officially announced budgets, adjusted for differences between the national authorities and the IMF staff regarding macroeconomic assumptions. The medium-term fiscal projections incorporate policy measures that are judged by the IMF staff as likely to be implemented. For countries supported by an IMF arrangement, the medium-term projections are those under the arrangement. In cases in which the IMF staff has insufficient information to assess the authorities’ budget intentions and prospects for policy implementation, an unchanged cyclically adjusted primary balance is assumed, unless indicated otherwise. Details on the composition of the groups, as well as countryspecific assumptions, can be found in the Methodological and Statistical Appendix.

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