Gathering to Grow 2017, Erasmus for Young Entrepeneurs; Euclid Network.

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“Gathering to Grow” is a set of two connected meetings for social entrepreneurs, support organisations, social investors and policy-makers. We begin in Lisbon, Portugal, on 19-20 January with Part I where we focus on the practice of social entrepreneurs. We conclude with Part II at the European Parliament in Brussels on 8 February, where we connected social enterprise practice with EU policy.

Euclid Network’s vision is to see civil society organisations and social enterprises empowered to drive positive change. Together with our members and partners, our mission is to: ü Create connections between civil society and social enterprise leaders ü Share and produce leadership, professional and entrepreneurial knowhow ü Influence European policy & funding and strengthen members’ EU engagement ü Raise the visibility and understanding of civil society and social enterprise in business, academia, government and the wider society.

Original title:  Gathering to Grow 2017 Two connected meetings for social entrepreneurship practice and policy