Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices, PE Probe

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Report:  16 March 2016 - 10 Page(s)
HICP   Inflation  Prices
I. HICP in Portugal, Year-on –Year growth Rate  (Monthly Values) – All Items – Base 2005
II. HICP in the European Union – Annual average rate of change
III. Portugal – Euro Area HICP Differential
IV. HICP in Portugal: Food, Beverages, Tobacco, Clothing and Footwear
V. HICP in Portugal – Housing, Utilities and Household Equipment and Maintenance
VI. HICP in Portugal– Restaurants & Hotels, Recreation & Culture
VII. HICP in Portugal – Transport and Communications
VIII. HICP in Portugal – Health and Education
IX. HICP in Portugal– Miscellaneous goods and services

Original title:  Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices

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