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The Portuguese population is among the oldest in the European Union: in 2014, 19.9% of Portuguese residents were aged 64 and over, which was only surpassed by Greece (20.5%), Germany (20.8%), and Italy (21.4%). Spain (18.1%) stood close to the EU28 average (18.5%). The lowest share was recorded in Ireland (12.6%).
In 2014 Portugal and Spain recorded real household gross disposable income per capita of €16,830 and €18,340 respectively, both below the figure recorded for the EU28 average: €20,732. Germany recorded the highest figure: €26,736.
2014 GDP per capita in PPS – purchasing power standards (EU28 = 100) in Portugal was lower than in Spain: 78 and 93 respectively. Luxembourg recorded the highest figure (263) and Bulgaria the lowest (45) for this indicator

Original title:  Portugal and Spain: the Iberian reality and comparisons in the European context - 2015

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