Income and Living Conditions 2014 (provisional data), INE

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The 2014 EU-SILC (EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) survey provisional data on previous year incomes, indicates that 19.5% of people was at risk of poverty in 2013 (18.7% in 2012), nevertheless an increase in the impact of social transfers related to health and disability, family, unemployment and social inclusion to the reduction of the risk of poverty (7.3 percentage points in 2013 and 6.8 p.p. in 2012).
The increase in the risk of poverty encompassed all age groups, however higher for people younger than 18 years of age, increasing from 24.4% in 2012 to 25.6% in 2013. The presence of children in an household is associated to an increase in the risk of poverty, achieving 23.0% for households with dependent children vis-à-vis 15.8% for households without dependent children.
A new increase in the relative median at-risk-of-poverty gap is reported, accounting for 30% in 2013 i.e. a surplus of 2.9 p.p. between 2012 and 2013.

Original title:  The risk of poverty kept increasing in 2013