International Trade Statistics, July 2017, INE

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In July 2017, exports and imports of goods recorded year-on-year nominal growth rates of +4.6% and +12.8% respectively (+6.7% and +6.6% in the same order, in June 2017). Excluding Fuels and lubricants, exports increased by 5.1% and imports grew by 9.4% (+7.2% in both flows, in June 2017).
The deficit of trade balance amounted to EUR 1,057 million in July 2017, increasing by EUR 446 million when compared with July 2016. Excluding Fuels and lubricants, the trade balance stood at EUR -625 million, corresponding to an increase of EUR 219 million in the trade deficit compared with July 2016.
In the quarter ended in July 2017, exports and imports of goods grew by 9.0% and 13.4% respectively, vis-à-vis the quarter ended in July 2016.

Original title:  Exports and imports increased by 4.6% and 12.8% respectively, in nominal terms - July 2017

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