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In October 2016, exports and imports of goods recorded year-on-year nominal growth rates of, respectively, -3.5% and -1.7% vis-à-vis October 2015 (+6.7% and +2.2% by the same order, in September 2016). Excluding Fuels and lubricants, exports decreased by 4.1% and imports declined by 0.8% (+7.9% and +3.8% respectively, in September 2016).
Trade balance deficit reached EUR 870 million in October 2016, increasing by EUR 70 million when compared with October 2015. Trade balance deficit, excluding Fuels and lubricants, stood at EUR 607 million, increasing by EUR 134 million compared to October 2015.
In the quarter ended in October 2016, exports of goods increased by 2.4% and imports of goods grew by 3.1% vis-à-vis the quarter ended in October 2015.
In this press release, Statistics Portugal starts the regular dissemination of Unit Value Indices for International Trade of Goods, on a quarterly basis (3rd quarter 2016). These series show that after a relatively long period of gains in terms of trade, this trend is changing as the gain in terms of trade in the 2nd quarter was followed by a loss in terms of trade in the 3rd quarter.

Original title:  Exports and imports decreased by 3.5% and 1.7% respectively, in nominal terms

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