Material flow accounts, 2015, INE

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Material flow accounts

Domestic Material Consumption increased 0.9% in 2015. This evolution was determined by the economic activity recovery, namely of industries with more intensive use of biomass (related to the production of pulp and paper), fossil energy materials, metallic ore and other products. The higher increase in GDP (+1.6% in real terms) compared to Domestic Material Consumption, led to a slight increase in productivity associated with the use of materials in 2015 (0.7%), retaking the growing trend observed between 2008 and 2013.
Portugal kept its resource productivity bellow EU28 average in 2015 (64.7%), although observing a continuous improvement (it was 62.6% in 2000). The Portuguese per capita consumption of materials was the lowest 16th of EU28 (in 2000 was 21st).

Original title:  Domestic Material Consumption increased less than GDP - 2015