• Tax revenue statistics, 2017, INE

    In 2017, tax burden increased to 34.7% of GDP (34.3% in the previous year). This increase in revenue was influenced by positive performance of all tax burden items. Direct taxes revenue increased 3.3%, while indirect taxes and social contributions revenue increased 6.1% and 6.0%, respectively. Regarding direct taxes revenue, there was a very small decrease […]

  • Tourist Activities, March 2018, INE

    Hotel and similar establishments hosted 1.5 million guests and 4.0 million overnight stays in March 2018, figures that relate to year-on-year change rates of +11.6% and +10.3%, accelerating when compared with February (+6.5% and +6.2%, respectively). Overnight stays of the internal market stood out with a 16.3% increase (after +7.9% in February) while those of […]

  • Quarterly National Accounts, Q1 2018 (flash estimate), INE

    The Portuguese Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased by 2.1% in volume in the first quarter 2018, compared with the same period of 2017 (2.4% in the previous quarter). Net external demand registered a more negative contribution to GDP year-on-year change rate, as Exports of Goods and Services decelerated more pronouncedly than Imports of Goods and […]

  • Industry Turnover Index, March 2018, INE

    Industry turnover year-on-year change rate was null in March (6.8% in the previous month). Domestic market index rose 1.7% (7.4% in February), while external market index declined 2.3% (change rate of 6.0% in the previous month). In the 1st quarter of 2018, the year-on-year change rate was 3.4% (8.4% in the previous quarter). Employment, wages […]

  • Consumer Price Index, April 2018, INE

    The CPI annual rate moved from 0.7% in March to 0.4% in April 2018. The annual core inflation rate, which excludes energy and unprocessed food products components, was 0.2% (0.8% in the previous month). The deceleration of the CPI reflects, to some extent, a base effect due to significant increase in the prices of some […]