Quarterly National Accounts, Q2 2015, INE

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Press Release:  31 August 2015 - 15 Page(s)
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GDP registered a year-on-year increase of 1.5% in volume in the second quarter 2015 (same change rate as in the first quarter). Domestic demand contribution to the GDP change rate shifted from 1.8 percentage points in the first quarter to 3.4 percentage points in the second. Net external demand registered a significant negative contribution (-1.9 percentage points) to the GDP year-on-year change rate, with an acceleration of Imports of Goods and Services at a higher pace than Exports of Goods and Services. In nominal terms, External Balance of Goods and Services diminished in the second quarter, shifting from 1.0% of GDP in the first quarter to 0.2%.

Comparing with the previous quarter, GDP increased by 0.4% in volume (similar change rate in the last two quarters). The domestic demand contribution was positive, mainly due to the growth of private consumption, while the net external demand contribution was negative.

Original title:  Gross Domestic Product increased by 1.5% in real terms in the second quarter 2015 - 2nd Quarter 2015