Resident population Estimates, 2016, INE

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The resident population in Portugal at 31 December 2016 was estimated at 10,309,573 persons (31,757 fewer than in 2015). This results in a negative crude rate of total population change of -0.31%, reflecting the combination of negative natural and migratory balances. Although there was an increase in the number of live births (87,126) this increase was insufficient to compensate the number of deaths (110,535) and therefore the natural balance remained negative (-23,409 in 2016, compared to 23,011 in 2015). Despite the decline in the number of emigrants and the stabilization of the number of immigrants, the migration balance was negative (-8,348), albeit more attenuated compared to 2015 (-10,481). Demographic aging in Portugal continued to rise: compared to 2015, the population under the age of 15 fell to 1,442,416 (-18,416), and the population aged 65 and over increased to 2,176,640 (+35,816); the oldest population (aged 85 and over) was estimated at 285,616 (+12,234). In 2016, the mean age of the resident population in Portugal was 43.9 years, an increase of about 3 years in the last decade.

Original title:  Since 2010 Portugal lost 264,000 Inhabitants - 2016

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