Sonae Indústria, Results Q1 2017

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Press Release:  10 May 2017 - 12 Page(s)
Earnings Report   Q1 2017  Sonae Indústria


  • Improved performance in all the three main businesses vs. 1Q16
  • Proportional Recurrent EBITDA1 of 22.3M€, 2.6M€ higher than 1Q16, on a like for like basis; 13.6% Proportional Recurrent EBITDA margin1
  • LTM Proportional Recurrent EBITDA1 of 92.5M€, 2.6M€ above December 2016
  • Positive Net Results of 6.4M€; 3.2M€ higher vs 1Q16
  • Proportional Leverage1 of 3.5x

Original title:  2017 1 st QUARTER RESULTS

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