Tourism Demand of Residents, 2 Q 2014, INE

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In the second quarter 2014, residents in Portugal made 4.4 million tourist trips, an 11.5% increase when compared with the same period of 20131. This change rate is in contrast with the 3.5% reduction recorded in the previous quarter but it is mostly due to the Easter period which occurred in the 2nd quarter 2014, while in 2013 it was celebrated in the 1st quarter.

The reason most commonly referred to travel by residents was “visit relatives or friends”, which summed 46.5% of the total tourist trips. In the month of June, “leisure, recreational or holiday” had the higher expression, having corresponded to 44.3% of all the trips.

The “private car” was the elected means of transport in 78.5% of all tourist trips made in the 2nd quarter 2014 (79.6% in the 2nd quarter 2013), while air transport mode was chosen in 9.0% of all travels made (+1.2 p.p. from the 2nd quarter 2013).

About 70.7% of overnight stays associated to tourist trips made in the 2nd quarter 2014 were spent in “free private accommodation”.

Original title:  Tourist trips made by residents in Portugal increased by 11.5% - 2nd Quarter 2014

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