Tourism Demand of Residents, Q2 2016, INE

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In the 2nd quarter 2016 the resident population in Portugal made 4.27 million tourist trips (-1.2% compared with the 2nd Q 2015; +0.8% in the 1st Q 2016), of which 10.7% had a foreign destination (+1.3%; -9.8% in the 1st Q 2016).
“Visit to relatives or friends” was the main motivation to travel, having originated 1.8 million trips (42.6% of the total). It also stood as the main cause for the observed reduction, having recorded a year-on-year reduction of 6.3%. On the contrary, trips made for “Leisure, recreation or holidays”, which corresponded to 1.74 million trips (40.7% of the total) and “professional or business related” reasons, with 523.7 thousand trips (12.3%), together recorded an increase of 5.8%.

Original title:  Tourist trips with slight reduction although increasing towards foreign destinations - 2nd Quarter 2016

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