Tourism Demand of Residents, Q3 2016, INE

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Press Release:  30 January 2017 - 1 Page(s)
  • In the 3rd quarter of 2016, residents made 7.63 million tourist trips, corresponding to a 9.6% raise compared to the Q3 2015 (-1.2% in Q2 2016). Short duration trips increased 11.8% (+1.9% in Q2 2016) and corresponded to 52.5% of the total. Trips abroad grew by 7.1% (+1.3% in Q2 2016) representing 9.4% of the total, but the domestic trips had the highest increase in this period: +9.9% (-1.4% in Q2 2016).
  • “Leisure, recreation or holidays” was the main motivation to travel, corresponding to 4.6 million trips (59.9% of the total, +1.3 p.p. after +1.2 p.p. in Q2). In order to “visit relatives or friends”, 2.5 million trips occurred (32.2% of the total, -1.7 p.p., -2.3 p.p. in Q2), with “professional or business related” trips (359.0 thousand) having the same weight (4.7%).
  • The “free private accommodation” raised its expression, concentrating 61.6% of overnight stays (+2.1 p.p., following +5.0 p.p. in Q2). “Hotels and similar accommodation” accounted for 21.3% of overnight stays in this quarter (-1.1 p.p. in its representativeness; -6.1 p.p. in Q2).

Original title:  Tourist trips by residents increase, especially those of short duration and in the national territory

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