Tourism Demand of Residents, Q4 2013, INE

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In the period October to December 2013, Portuguese residents made 3.89 million tourism trips, 3.6% less when compared with the 4th quarter 20121 (+7.4% in the 3rd quarter 2013).
Trips made for “leisure, recreation or holiday” increased by 3.6%, while “visit to relatives or friends” as a motivation to travel decreased by 6.7%.
The “private car” was the selected means of transport in 82.8% of all tourism trips (85.5% in the 3rd quarter 2013) and “Free private accommodation” was chosen in 85.8% of overnight stays related to tourism trips made by residents (72.8% in the 3rd quarter 2013).

Original title:  Tourism trips made by residents in Portugal decreased by 3.6% - 4th Quarter 2013

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