Tourist Activities, August 2015, INE

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Hotel establishments recorded 7.2 million overnight stays in August 2015, corresponding to a year-on-year increase of 2.5%, below the result of July (+6.7%). Overnight stays from residents slowed down steeply (+0.6% vis-à-vis +7.1% in the preceding month), while having less impact in the inbound markets (+3.7% in August and +6.5% in July).
The average stay declined by 2.5% (3.19 nights) while the net bed occupancy rate increased slightly (+0.8 p.p., corresponding to 73.0%).
There were increases of 10.0% in total revenue and 10.8% in revenue from accommodation, below the results of July (+12.9% and +15.3% respectively).

Original title:  Overall slowdown particularly in overnight stays from residents

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