Transport Activities, 2Q 2014, INE

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In the 2nd quarter 2014, the movement of goods in ports decreased by 0.7% (+5.2% in the 1st quarter 2014), as a result of a 12.3% decline in national traffic, in spite of a 1.4% increase in the international movement.

Railway freight transport recorded increases of 8.6% in terms of tonnage (+20.3% in the 1st quarter 2014) and 13.5% considering tonne-kilometres (+30.4% in the 1st quarter 2014).

In air transport mode, the movement of aircrafts, passengers and cargo/mail increased by 7.4%, 11.4% and 6.8%, respectively (+3.3%, +6.5% and +3.4% in the 1st quarter 2014).

The relative weight of goods transported in road freight vehicles with national registration declined by 2.7%, an inversion of the growing trend registered since the 2nd quarter 2013.

With regard to the transport of passengers, there was a decline in heavy railway mode (-0.8%) and in inland waterways (-2.6%) on a par with an increase in light railway systems (+2.2%).

Original title:  Movement of goods declined in ports and in road mode yet increased in railway. Movement of passengers grew steadily in airports, increased again in light railway but is still reducing in inland waterways - 2nd Quarter 2014