Transport Activities, Q3 2015, INE

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In the 3rd quarter of 2015, in national maritime ports there were increases of 1.5% in commercial vessels entered and 13.1% in their dimension (GT), after +3.3% and +13.2% respectively in the previous quarter 2015, while the tonnage of goods transported increased by 6.4%, at a slower pace when comparing to +12.3% in the 2nd quarter.
Goods transported in railway mode increased by 0.3%, clearly slowing down towards +14.4% in Q2 and +11.1% in Q1.  The corresponding volume of goods transported increased by 4.0%.
The movement of aircrafts (+5.8%) and passengers (+9.1%) kept growing. In this quarter there was a deeper decline in the movement of cargo/mail in national airports: -4.9% (-0.8% in Q2).

Original title:  Transport of goods increases in road and maritime modes. Movement of passengers in airports keeps growing but at a slower pace - 3rd Quarter 2015

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