Transport statistics, November 2014, INE

Page created: Thursday, 13 November 2014 17:26GMT

Press Release:  13 November 2014 - 1 Page(s)

Passengers travelling through national airports in commercial traffic reached 32.6 million in 2013 (+4.9%).

Road transport of passengers summed 546.4 million passengers (-6.9% from 2012) and 26.3 million (-3.9%) were transported in inland waterways. In 2013, there was an 8.1% reduction in the number of passengers in light railway systems, recording 191.6 million.

The movement of goods in national ports ascended to 78.2 million tons (loaded and unloaded), showing a considerable 15.1% increase from the preceding year.

Transport of goods in heavy road freight vehicles changed slightly considering tons carried in 2013 (-0.1%) but longer distances were covered with a resulting 22.9% increase in tons-km.

With regard to telecommunications, there were different outcomes in voice traffic originated in the mobile network, which attained 22.2 billion minutes (+4.7%) and short message service (SMS) which recorded a reduction in traffic, corresponding to less 1.1 billion messages (-3.9%) than in the previous year.

Original title:  Different dynamics in the various modes of transport. Passengers transported increased in national airports (+4.9%) but declined in road transport and railway. Goods transported with a remarkable increase in ports yet stabilizing in road freight. - 2013