VAT/GST Refunds Survey 2014, KPMG

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Report:  19 June 2014 - 132 Page(s)
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Globalization is expanding the reach of businesses to new markets; multinational companies are now able to source suppliers from virtually anywhere in the world; and e-commerce enables them to ship their products and deliver their services to tech savvy customers in the farthest regions of the world. An important consequence of this phenomenon is that many multinational companies are incurring Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Goods and Services Taxes (GST) in an ever increasing number of countries. The question of whether they can obtain a refund of the VAT or GST they incur on a timely basis and with a minimum of compliance costs, is a critical financial, tax and business efficiency issue.

Original title:  VAT/GST Refunds Survey 2014