Vital Statistics, 2014, INE

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In 2014 there were 82,367 live births from mothers residing in Portugal. This value is lower in 420 live births compared to the value from 2013 (-0.5%). Nonetheless, in the second semester there was an increase of 1,024 live births compared to the same semester of 2013.
The number of deaths of residents in Portugal was reduced to 104,790 deaths (106,545 in 2013): 53,196 deaths of men and 51,594 of women; 84.1% of deaths relate to people with 65 years old and over.
The number of live births and deaths recorded in 2014 results in a negative natural balance of 22,423 (-23,756 en 2013); thus, Portugal had a negative natural balance for the sixth consecutive year, though less aggravated in 2014.
The number of marriages in Portugal continued the downward trend observed in recent years (31,478 – 520 less than in 2013); 63.6% of marriages were civil ceremonies and 35.9% were Catholic. In more than half of all marriages (51.7%) the future spouses already cohabitated before the marriage.

Original title:  Natural balance remained negative and the number of marriages decreased - 2014