• The introduction of the “Social Innovation in Portugal” section on PE Probe is in line with one of the recommendations made by the Portuguese Social Investment Taskforce: to contribute to the promotion of best practices for social innovation and to stimulate the social investment market in Portugal, that is, to allocate capital in the hope of generating social impact alongside a financial return.

    This section has been developed in straight collaboration with the Laboratório de Investimento Social (Social Investment Lab). We are committed to continue enriching the section, thus we welcome suggestions from our users for improvements or new content.

  • In this section you will find:

    • Examples of the best practices in social innovation in Portugal, showcasing the existing potential to generate social impact;
    • Direct access to information about the initiatives that stand out in the social investment market in Portugal;
    • Research, reports or news that help users understand the ecosystem;
    • Information regarding related events and news.

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  • The Taskforce made five recommendations across all key dynamics of the market for the growth of a social investment ecosystem in Portugal

    1. DEMAND
    Strengthen social organisations through capacity building programmes.

    2. SUPPLY
    Introduce financial instruments suited to social organisations and social innovation.

    Promote an outcomes-based culture in public services.

    Set up a knowledge and resource centre.

    Promote specialist intermediaries to facilitate access to capital.

    See more at: http://grupodetrabalho.investimentosocial.pt/

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