Portugal: Debt agency places €1.75bn in T-bills at still more negative yields

Page created: Wednesday, 19 July 2017 14:11 GMT

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Lisbon, July 19 (Lusa) – Portugal on Wednesday placed with investors €1.75 billion in treasury bills with maturities of six and 12 months, the maximum amount announced beforehand, at average yields that were still more negative than in the previous comparable debt auctions, it was announced.


According to the page of the state debt management agency, the (IGCP), on the Bloomberg financial information service, €1.25 billion in 12-month bills were placed at an average yield of -0.259%, as against a rate of -0.153% in the last auction of 12-month bills, on 17 May, when €1 billion was placed with investors.


As for the six-month debt, €500 million was placed at an average yield of -0.292%, compared with -0.210% on 17 May, when €1 billion in similar debt was placed.


Demand in the latest auction reached €2.13 billion for the 12-month bills, or 1.7 times the amount placed, and €1.385 billion for the six-month bills, or 2.77 times.


The IGCP had announced the two auctions for Wednesday as aimed at raising between €1.5 billion and €1.75 billion.


Between July and the end of September, the IGCP hopes to raise €4.5 billion from placing treasury bills.


Last week it placed €1 billion in 10-year and 28-year bonds.