Civil service employment with slight annualised rise

Page created: Tuesday, 17 November 2015 9:12 GMT

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The Portuguese civil service lost 5,387 workers from the second to the third quarter, down 0.8% but registering an annualised rise of 0.3% according to the Statistical Summary of Public Employment released by DGAEP, the General Directorate for State Administration and Employment.
That report stated that at the end of September 2015, the state employed a total of 649,294 persons, down from 654,681 in June but up from 647,139 in September 2014.
The statistics show that over a longer timeframe, the state has been shedding workers with this year’s figures representing a fall of 10.7% on the numbers employed at the end of 2011 and thus correspondingly to 78,000 fewer jobs.
The largest contribution towards this contraction in state employment came from the Ministry of Education that now employs 4,746 fewer staff.
At the end of September, six in every ten state employees were female in gender, above the average for the active population and accounting for 15.1% of the total active female population and 17.2% of the employed female population.
The average full-time income of state sector employees closed July on €1,404.2 per month and down 0.1% on April.