Coimbra develops rocket insulation aerogel.

Page created: Monday, 22 September 2014 15:01 GMT

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The first aerogel spray in the world, generated by Active Aerogels, based on materials developed in conjunction with a team of researchers from Coimbra, is going to be presented publically in Canada, the team announced on Monday.

The new aerogel which “water-proofs the most complex surfaces” and in the immediate future is directed at insulating rockets, is going to be presented at the most important world conference for the space sector” – International Astronautical Congress –, held between 29 September and 3 October in Toronto, Canada, Coimbra University said.

Active Aerogels was created by the incubator of the Instituto Pedro Nunes, in Coimbra.

The new technology is first going to be used for “rocket or space ship insulation and for cryogenic applications, because it supports unbelievable pressures and temperatures”, said Bruno Carvalho, in a note distributed by Coimbra University.

“In the various tests we have conducted between -250º C and + 200º C, all the properties remained intact”, he added, saying “this aerogel in particles is doubtlessly going to be the insulation of the future”.