‘Corruption’ wins hands down, (or palms up)

Page created: Monday, 5 January 2015 14:48 GMT


The Portuguese word “Corrupção”, meaning exactly the same as ‘corruption in English, has been chosen as the word of the year for 2014, according to an online vote conducted by publishing company Grupo Porto Editora that attracted 22,000 voters.

The publisher said on Monday the runner-up was “xurdir”, a regionalism that means “struggling to survive” and the third was the English import “selfie”, which has been adopted by the Portuguese meaning to take a photograph of yourself.

2014 saw two huge corruption cases in Portigal: The “Face Oculta”, case involving an alleged corruption ring designed to favour a business group run by Manuel Godinho, and the “Labirinto” operation, related with Golden Visas.

The end of the year also saw the detention of former prime minister José Sócrates, on suspicion of corruption, Money laundering and tax fraud.

The winner of the word of the year competition on the web page, “corrupção” took 25% of the votes out of 10 short-listed words.