CPLP: China trade with Portuguese-language countries to February up 33% on year

Page created: Monday, 17 April 2017 14:03 GMT

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Macau, China, Apr. 17 (Lusa) – The volume of trade between China and Portuguese-language countries in the first two months of this year was up 32.6% on the same period of 2016, at $14.84 billion (€13.97 billion), according to official figures published on the web portal of the Forum Macau, the entity set up to promote such commerce.

China in January and February bought goods worth $10.28 billion – up 43.74% on the year – from Portuguese-language countries, and sold them goods worth $4.56 billion – up 12.97%.

Brazil remained China’s main trade partner among Portuguese-language countries in the period, with total volume worth $10.35 billion, up 35.64% on the first two months of last year. China’s exports to Brazil were up almost 28% to $3.69 billion, while its imports from Brazil were up almost 41% at $6.66 billion.

With Angola – China’s second trading partner in the group – trade was up 42.4% to $3.48 billion. China sold goods worth $252.1 billion, down almost 8%, and bought $3.23 billion, up almost 49% – with the higher price of crude oil a factor here.

As for Portugal, China’s third partner among Portuguese-language countries, trade was down 13% at $704.9 billion as China sold $425.3 million in goods to Portugal – down 36% – and bought $279.5 million, up more than 90%.

China in 2003 established the Macau Special Administrative Region as its platform for economic and trade cooperation with members of the Community of Portuguese-Language Countries (CPLP), setting up the Forum Macau, which holds ministerial-level meetings every three years.

Sao Tome and Principe, a member of the CPLP, joined the Forum Macau at the end of March, after China announced that it had re-established diplomatic links with the archipelago. That was a few days after Sao Tome broke off ties with Taiwan, so recognising the People’s Republic as the only China.

China’s trade with Sao Tome was in fact already included in the Forum Macau trade figures, while that with the CPLP’s newest member, Equatorial Guinea, is not.