February exports up 4.4% on year, imports down 3.6% – INE

Page created: Thursday, 9 April 2015 14:59 GMT

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Portugal’s exports of goods in February were up 4.4% on the same month of last year, while imports of goods were down 3.6%, according to the national statistics office, INE.

For the quarter from December to February, exports were up 2.1% on the year while imports were down 3.5%, meaning that the former covered 84.5% of the latter by value, up 4.7 percentage points. The deficit in foreign trade of goods shrank by €735.5 million to €2.1231 billion.

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In the quarter from November to January, exports had been up 0.5% and imports down 1.3%.

The stronger year-on-year increases in exports in February and in the quarter, according to INE, were above all due to trade within the European Union, especially fossil fuels, machinery and equipment. Exports to countries outside the EU were down on the year.