First session of new parliament expected to take place on 22 October

Page created: Wednesday, 14 October 2015 14:29 GMT

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The first session of the parliament arising out of the 4 October general election in Portugal is to take place on 22 October, if the results are published on 19 October as expected, leaders of the parliamentary parties agreed on Wednesday.

According to a spokesman for the parliament, Social Democrat deputy Duarte Pacheco, 19 October has been “indicated” as the day when the election results should be published. Under Portugal’s Constitution, the new parliament is to meet three days after the publication of results.

If the results are not published on the day expected, leaders of the parliamentary parties are to meet on the day immediately following their publication in order to set a later date for the first session.

No prospective government has yet emerged from the elections, with the Socialist Party still in talks with both the right-of-centre coalition that was in power in the past four years and, separately, with other parties in parliament.