How can you set up your startup in Portugal?

Page created: Wednesday, 7 February 2018 10:40 GMT

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Are you an entrepreneur seeking to join Portugal’s growing startup community? Startup Lisboa and some of its partners explain why and how you could do so.

Portugal, “the California of Europe”, is receiving many tech multinationals, ranging from Google to Uber. But foreign startups are also discovering the wonders of setting up in Portugal, and Lisbon’s incubator Startup Lisboatook the hint: their Launch in Lisbon program will have its second edition on February. ECO spoke to Startup Lisboa and its partners to better understand how entrepreneurs can set up in Lisbon.

Why Portugal?

“Portugal is an incredible country, there’s a growing startup community and the sun is always shining!”, stated Wendy and Kristina, founders of the startup Secret City Trails, to ECO. The two of them came to Lisbon two years ago to create their first city discovery game in the country. “We really enjoyed the vibe of the city, the buzzing startup ecosystem as well as opportunities that are available to startups in tourism”.