Portugal: 80% believe state is corrupt

Page created: Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:24 GMT

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Lisbon, Nov. 16 (Lusa) – More than 80% of Portuguese believe the state suffers undue influence from people with great economic power, according to the Global Corruption Barometer, published on Wednesday by Transparency International a global network of NGOs.

The survey involved 42 countries in Europe and Central Asia and it reveals that parliament, local authorities and the business sector are the areas the Portuguese consider most exposed to corruption.

Just over half (51%) of Portuguese see corruption as the third main problem deserving political attention, right after the economy and jobs (74%) and health (71%).

The survey showed that parliament is the most negatively affected institution, with 34% of the Portuguese believing that most or all of the MPs are involved in corruption.

The high perception of corruption in Portugal contrasts with the almost complete lack of situations where the citizens have been pressured to bribe civil servants.

The study shows that only 2% of those questioned admitted having paid a bribe in the past year.

“The data in the study clearly shows that the corruption the Portuguese identify is not al the level of workers and the payment of bribes. It is more serious corruption, systemic, that has to do with political institutions being captured by organised interest groups, which has great power to mould the laws and the regulatory decisions to their convenience, to the detriment of the public interest”, TIAC spokesman, João Paulo Batalha, said.