Portugal: Airbnb collects €1.74M for Lisbon in 2016

Page created: Thursday, 16 February 2017 15:08 GMT

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Lisbon, Feb. 16 (Lusa) – Online accommodation platform Airbnb collected €1.74 million in tourist taxes for Lisbon last year that it handed over to the city chambers, it said on Thursday.

The Lisbon municipal tourist tax came into force on 1 January last year at the rate of €1 a night up to a maximum of €7.

According to information Lusa received, the city council collected €13.5 million in the first year of the tax.

Since 1 May (when Airbnb came to an agreement with Lisbon) the platform has been collecting the tourist tax and sends the money to the council every quarter.

In a communiqué, the company said that “the Portuguese capital continues to be the city that receives most Airbnb guests, with a total of 718,000 travellers in 2016, which is a 66% increase compared with the year before”.