Portugal: August dip against rising fuel consumption

Page created: Tuesday, 22 September 2015 8:32 GMT

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The consumption of fuel in Portugal rose 2.9% in the first eight months of this year in year-on-year terms according to the monthly report issued by the sector’s regulator ENMC on Monday.
Over this period, diesel put on 3.4% on 2014 although the increase in petrol consumption was a more modest 0.9%.
However, August saw a dip with fuel consumption down 0.1% in annualised terms and was indeed 0.8% and 4.1% lower than 2012 and 2013 respectively.
There has also been a 15% or €0.21 per litre drop in the average price of diesel over the period from January 2014 through to August 2015 all the while petrol fell back by €0.08, equivalent to a 5.5% drop in the forecourt retail price.
In terms of this year, the eight month period has seen diesel rise by €0.02 or 2% whilst the price of petrol has ratcheted up a 10.9% or €0.14 per litre over the same period.