Portugal: Brussels letter ‘badly written’ – Unions

Page created: Thursday, 21 July 2016 14:35 GMT

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Lisbon, Jul. 21 (Lusa) – The Portuguese civil service union federation warned the government on Thursday that the letter sent to Brussels regarding the sanctions process was “badly written” and that the workers do not accept having their wages frozen in 2017.

“It is a first warning concerning what they wrote to Brussels. The government has to take it out of there and build a budget for 2017, that has items to increase wages and pensions and unfreeze careers”, Ana Avoila said at a press conference.

Talking to reporters, she said that the public sector workers have had to pay for everything since the stability and growth programmes and it is now time for António Costa’s government to keep their election promises.

“The government has to respond to the Portuguese people, on the promise there would be wage increases in 2017”.

If the government is not sensitive, “The workers will fight as they always have to decide if they hold protests or strikes”, she added.

The Portuguese government responded to the European Commission (EC) this week saying it was “ready to adopt budgetary measures this year” to correct any “deviations from the budget plan”, including not releasing the blocks foreseen in the budget.